Session Tips...
How to PREPARE for a Session:

The day before your colon hydrotherapy session:

• Please eat light
• Drink plenty of water (min 64oz)
• Avoid meat, dairy, cheese, bread and pasta
• Suggest: salads, fruit and vegetables
• Please refrain from laxatives the night before your cleanse
• Refrain from any alcohol or carbonated beverages

The day of your colon hydrotherapy session:

• Same as above, but avoid eating 2 hours prior session unless you are diabetic.  If you are diabetic, please eat light up to 30 minutes prior to your session, and bring food with you for after the session.  

• Please remember to drink water all day.

• Refrain from alcohol and carbonated beverages

• Menstruation:  Periods are a great time for cleansing.

What to do AFTER a colon hydrotherapy session:

Three things you need to know:

1.  As soon as you eat, you will feel better.

2. If you pass mucus tinged with blood, do not be alarmed.

3. Most people leave the session feeling better than when they came in and go back to work or resume their normal activities. They often exclaim “I feel so much lighter” and experience & increased energy and well-being.

However, some people who are highly toxic may experience a “healing crisis” after the session such as achy flu like symptoms. People have reported great relief by drinking lots of water, and if not diabetic or allergic to sulfer, by taking a hot Epsom Salt Bath for 30 minutes. (Remember to rinse.)