Rebalance Drink


Rebalance Drink


You're looking at vitality in a jar. Chock full of healing herbs, this mix is sure to get you feeling right in no time. Our Rebalance drink is going to be your new daily habit - and one you can feel good about! This 16 oz jar makes about 30 servings.

 Wildcrafted and organic herbs.

Orange peel Powder: Improve oral health, support healthy weight loss, improve skin appearance, speed metabolism
Rose Hips Powder: Joint health,  aid in bone health, and rich in antioxidants
Wheat Grass Powder:  Aids in digestion, helps detox the body and eliminates toxins from blood
Chorella Powder:  Loaded with protein, strengthen immune system and liver function
Beet Root Powder:  helps lower cholesterol, reduces birth defects, and helps with cataracts.
Catnip Powder:  known for calming effects, aids wit gout and menstrual cramps and reduces chronic anxiety
Lemon Peal Powder:  Decreases cholesterol, prevents parasites in the digestive system
Spirulina Powder:  Great for cell regeneration anti-fungal and anti bacterial, as well as increase energy, rich in B vitamins
Spinach Powder:  Helps improve vision, maintains healthy neurological function, and high in fiber
Barley Powder:  Helps control blood sugar levels, repairs damaged cells, and aids in balancing alkalininity in the body
Alfalfa Powder:  Support Urinary system, aids in blood clotting, supportive during nursing, and aids in arthritis
Moringa Powder:  Aids in thyroid disorders, Kidney stones and headaches as well as increase sex drive

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