I have been doing various alternative health treatments like colonics and reflexology for years while living in California. When I moved to Nashville a couple years ago I was nervous about finding a new place where I felt comfortable.
I had my first appointment with Genetta and Delaca, and they are so knowledgable and helpful, and the atmosphere so warm and inviting, I felt at ease immediately.
I began to see them weekly for colonics, sauna, and reflexology and it’s an appointment I really look forward to!! I’ve traveled all over seeking new ways to boost my health and these two ladies are Amazing!! They truly care about helping their clients and very passionate about the healing work they do. I feel blessed to have met them along my journey seeking body, mind and soul health!!!
— Whitney Kreger
I was bashful about trying colon hydrotherapy. A few friends had told me it was great and had recommended Release of Nashville.

I met Genetta and knew I would be safe with her and would feel better after a session.

I had traveled the world for two years consecutively so I was concerned about what was living in my stomach. Now I’m a consistent customer and feel great.
— L.K.
Delaca is so knowledgeable about herbs in her health coaching business. The green drink has fed my body in a astounding way! I totally notice when I haven’t taken it.
— Lori
I loved my reflexology session with Delaca. It was my first time having reflexology done and I felt so peaceful and relaxed. There was also a lot of energy shifting in my body so I knew it was working. I look forward to my next one.
— L.K.

"I have been seeing Delaca for reflexology for over a year now and have been helped immensely through her skill and tender, loving care.  She is thoughtful about how to proceed in each session - what protocols and technique to use, which essential oils are best, and what type of energy balancing to bring in.  I trust Delaca with every facet of my health and encourage others to do the same.   She is not only compassionate, but extremely knowledgeable and constantly seeking to learn and grow so that she can be a greater resource and support for her clients."                                                                                                                                          Tess